Smart mobility products alliance
Collaborative strategies for empowering the human mobility
Transforming ideas into innovative products
Industrial design as catalyst for change
Exploring sustainable environments for a better way of life
Cities as territorial development poles
Understanding the past and present to imagine the future
From components to prodcuts

SMOTION – Smart Mobility Products Alliance

“Mobility is one of the fundamental bases of human evolution”

SMOTION was born in 2014 with the conviction of grouping collaborative synergies to propose new products in Smart Mobility. It takes Design and Conceptualization as tools, relying on the value of multidisciplinary knowledge, to develop innovative ideas that improve the quality of life of people and their relationship with the environment.

SMOTION is promoted by three companies based in the Basque Country, Machimbarrena Design Studio, Mandesso Design and Klap Product Design and lean Star Up.

SMOTION Projects

Development of specific projects in Intelligent Mobility environments

SMOTION draws on smart mobility projects and products, placing people as the initial and final reference axis for the conceptualization of ideas, and cities as SMARTCITY deployment environments. Projects, due to their complexity and wide-ranging implementation strategies, are proposed as processes in collaboration with other organizations and professionals.

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